Bolt Cutters

Bolt Cutters also popularly known as bolt croppers are used for cutting chains, padlocks, bolts and wire meshes. When you have a heavy duty cutting job that entails slicing through formidable metals, bolt cutters are your answer. Because of the way they’re designed, bolt cutters are capable of greatly multiplying the force that’s applied to them, so much so that 50 pounds of applied force can become nearly 4000 pounds of cutting force. This design makes them perfect for cutting through various types of metals, including Wires, Cables, Chain Link, Padlocks, Bolts, Nails, Mesh, Piping, Sheet metal among others.

Bolt Cutter size and the corresponding strengths:
• 12-Inch to 14-Inch Bolt Cutters: These can typically cut safely through threaded wires, rods, and lightweight chains.
• 18-Inch to 24-Inch Bolt Cutters: These will slice through the same types of threaded wires and rods, only of larger diameters. This is due to the increased leverage gained from having longer arms.
• 30-Inch to 48-Inch Bolt Cutters: These large-size cutters can typically tackle copper cable, steel rods, and steel chains.

These heavy-duty hand tools rank amongst the most-used job site “helpers” — they make light work of even the hardest cutting jobs one faces. One will be confident in your ability to perform those difficult jobs with one or more of our heavy duty bolt cutters on hand.

BlueStar brand Bolt Cutters: Apex Commercial Corporation is the Authorized Dealer for BlueStar bolt cutters in Calcutta, West Bengal. BlueStar brand Bolt Cutters are available at Apex Commercial Corporation, Kolkata in complete range from 12″ to 48″ with a 6″ successive increase in size. They are available for general purpose to heavy duty cutting and can cut non-ferrous rods, high tensile wires, case hardened chains, tempered sprung wires, pre-stressed concrete reinforcing rods. Jaws are made from select steel, drop forged and perfectly heat treated. Strong tubular handles with taper fitted drop forged levers helps trouble free cutting. Adjustment for jaws are provided on side. BlueStar brand wire cutters with snub nose is quite useful for cutting wire mesh.

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